Cloughton Station was one of eight stations on the Scarborough to Whitby line. In the picture above is the small goods yard with cattle dock and goods shed with wooden awning. The main line appears in the middle of the photograph with the passing loop on the left. This was not built until 1891 when the S and WR company authorised the NER to join up what was then a siding to form a complete passing place.

The level crossing at the North end of the station was the only manned one on the line, but when the govenment inspector of the Board of Trade examined the line in 1885 , prior to it’s opening, he stated that the S and WR company should be prepared to build a bridge in its place if this became neccessary.

Cloughton became the first place on the line to have a train ‘service’ in January 1884, eighteen months before the line opened oficially. This was on the occasion of a Band of Hope meeting at Raven Hall when the contractor fitted out some trucks with seats and the train set off from Scarborough with 80 ladies and gentlemen. At Cloughton they stopped to pick up another 60 although it was to be over a year before the station itself was constructed.

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